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Over 100 Employees Axed From Amazon’s Drone Delivery Team

Amazon’s long-promised future of autonomous drones delivering all our packages with a smile and a beep has been pushed back, as reports emerge that Amazon’s Prime Time team has shedded over 100 employees, after years of “organised chaos.”

The Amazon Prime Time team is based in the UK, and was launched in 2016 to create drones that can deliver packages outside of properties. UK was chosen because the government gave Amazon clearance to conduct test flights in cities.

A report by Wired reveals a “constant churn” of employees and managers alike, with people without technical knowledge placed in charge of divisions they understand nothing about.

“Everything started collapsing inwards because they [Amazon] piled too much on, they put people in charge who didn’t know anything about the project and they oversold. It’s all one gigantic oversell – just so many promises that can’t be kept,” an ex-employee told Wired.

An Amazon spokesperson told The Post the company “recently made organisational changes in our Prime Air business and were able to find positions for affected employees in other areas where we were hiring.

“Prime Air continues to have employees in the UK and will keep growing its presence in the region,” the spokesperson added.

“When I was there Prime Air was already years from being a thing,” the former employee told Wired.

“But it’s never going to get off the ground.”


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