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Foxtel Presto ‘No Threat’: QuickFlix

Foxtel Presto

As Pay TV giant Foxtel announces Presto unlimited movies service for $20 a month, CEO of Quickflix says “it’s validation the world is moving to on-demand service.” 

“Competition is a good thing” and the launch of a rival service will boost business, believes Stephen Langsford Quickflix CEO 

“We’ve been aware of Presto for some time..and take it as a complement” that Pay TV giant has launched a similar movie streaming service to Quickflix, which has been offering the service for several years. 

Langsford is not worried about the threat from Foxtel who has a massive customer base of 2.3 million users, telling CN: 
“We’re always used to competing with the big guys. Our (service) is competitively priced and have massive device penetration.” 

“We’re playing in a big market, we’ve got ahead start,” he adds. In fact, he says QFX will benefit from Presto, as it will raise awareness of online streaming services. 

Quickflix unlimited streaming of TV/movies costs $14 a month, and includes DVDs & Blu-raysPlus rental, while Foxtel Presto is offering just online movies for $20.

However, Langsford is eyeing the 74% of Aussie households that are not Foxtel subscribers, he told CN earlier this month. 

Although Quickflix won’t be streaming Season 4 of Games of Thrones, it will be offering it (on per episode or Season Pass) after the closing episode is screened on Foxtel who has it exclusive in OZ. 

Foxtel this week cut price to the Showcase channel for casual Internet viewers, to $10 a month in a bid to boost subscriber base, now reliant on IPTV services for growth. 

But it’s not all about online streaming or on-demand either. 

That market is growing, but the DVD rental market is still massive, says Quickflix boss, worth $1.5 billion in Australia and DVD rentals still accounts for 30% of Netflix business, in the US.