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Onkyo, Pioneer & Integra, Go For 16 Bit Romp With Sonos, When 24Bit Is The Go

3 Hi Fi brands, Onkyo, Pioneer and Integra who have moved to cut a deal with Sonos, have not said why they are cuddling up with a brand that has limited sound quality output.

Unlike a Heos by Denon or Bluesound speaker that can deliver 24bit output, Sonos is only capable of delivering 16-bit audio. Even brands such as Apple Samsung and HTC have moved to building in 24bit audio capability into their latest smartphones.

Onkyo announced that around 30 devices under its Onkyo, Integra and Pioneer Elite brands will receive the Works with Sonos badge, signalling that the devices can connect with Sonos speakers and stream music directly from the Sonos app.

Products featuring the official designation will include select network A/V and stereo receivers, which users can add independently or as part of a predetermined Sonos zone. Specific models will be announced on June 6 when the firmware update is slated to become available.

Don Milks, Onkyo USA director of product localization, told US publication Twice, that it sought to work with Sonos because of its leadership position in multiroom audio and high adoption rate from consumers and dealers.

Onkyo’s devices currently support Google Assistant, and the integration with Sonos will provide limited voice-control functionality via Amazon Alexa.

Milks said users won’t be able “to go deep into the menu,” but will, for example, be able to tell Alexa to play a specific artist in a specific room.

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