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Okay Alexa Turn On The Sharp Dishwasher

Compact appliances for small spaces are proving popular especially for apartments and holiday homes, in Australia, this has resulted in brands such as Sharp developing a new generation dishwasher that is small but still packed with new technology such as voice commands.

Japanese Company Sharp who are witnessing record sales of their microwaves in Australia after moving distribution to Tempo, have recently announced a smart voice activated dishwasher that is only 60.96cm wide.

Announced for the US market there is every possibility that the new dishwasher that has premium functions such as Wi-Fi-enabled “Works with Alexa” for easy remote control, LED interior lighting, adjustable racks for efficient loading, a Power Wash sprayer for stubborn cookware, and Wash Zone options for focused cleaning on either rack could be launched in Australia in 2023.

Sharp dishwashers proving popular as consumers look for value.

Sharp executive Jim Sanduski said “Works with Alexa” is the star of the show. Ever climb into bed at night only to realize that you forgot to press start on the dishwasher? Just ask Alexa, “Alexa, turn on the dishwasher, it’s that simple.”

The new Sharp offering has several settings that can be enabled with simple voice commands. Not sure which mode is on? Just ask Alexa, “Alexa, what is the dishwasher mode?” You can set the delay, Wash Zone, and even check how much time is left, just by asking Alexa.

There are three different ways to connect your dishwasher with the Amazon Alexa app: With a Barcode, Without a Barcode, or if you made your purchase on Amazon.com, Zero Touch Setup.

Zero Touch Setup means that the Sharp smart dishwasher will arrive configured with your home network settings you have saved in your Amazon Alexa account.

Additional dishwasher features include premium LED interior lighting for easier loading and organizing, a flexible third rack for a range of loading configurations, a modern pocket handle in the door, it is finished in stainless-steel both inside and out.

The highly durable design includes a stainless-steel tub and spray arm, along with premium glide rails. It also boasts a Library Quiet™ function, registering at a low 45dB, and a multi-fan drying option to improve drying performance with or without Heated Dry.

The 60.96 centimetre size makes the system ideal for flexible integration into a variety of kitchen layouts and designs.

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