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Officeworks Looks To Double Its Addressable Market

Officeworks sees a potential doubling of its addressable market as it moves to overhaul its supply chain technology and expand its SME offering.

The office supply giant, owned by Wesfarmers, could potentially increase its addressable market from $28 billion to $56 billion, Wesfarmers revealed today in an investor strategy briefing, by extending its Print and Create business as well as its technology, education, business, and connected customer offerings.

According to Wesfarmers, the business – which also includes the Geeks2U mobile tech support service following its acquisition in 2019 – has a consistent track record of sales growth exceeding market growth. It is seeking to expand its offering to SMEs, with Wesfarmers saying it will focus on areas that “help customers start, run and grow their businesses”.

Officeworks is also overhauling its back end supply chain technology, including the addition of goods-to-person systems to replace conveyors in distribution centres for scalability and flexibility.

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