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Nvidia’s Next Gen GPUs Are Power Hungry Machines

Rumours regarding the massive power requirements of Nvidias next flagship graphics card, the GeForce RTX 4090, continue to be proven true.

According to leaker and youtuber ‘Moore’s Law is Dead’ (MLID) believes that the total board power of the RTX 4090 will sit at 600 watts and is only to grow as non-reference designs are developed.

The ‘Ada Lovelace’ GPU’s fitted to the RTX 40-series have long been speculated to be incredibly power hungry. MLID has discussed that the AD102 GPU, the top-of-the-line Ada Lovelace graphics processor, and the RTX L6000 both will need insane power supplies to accommodate them. Reports on the AD102 GPU have TBP expectations as high as 850W.

PC builders using the new cards are not only going to need to invest in beefy power supplies, but cooling systems as well.

This news comes in conjunction with Nvidia’s recent announcement that the GPU shortage has finally come to a close, after scalpers, the crypto boom and chip shortages made getting hands on their current flagships next to impossible. As a result, many are only just purchasing RTX 30 series cards, particularly as companies such as Asus drop the prices of their Strix model by 25% in Australia.

If power draws of 600W and over become the new standard for flagship GPUs, 1000-1200W PSUs are likely to become the new norm, as reported by Wccftech.

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