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Nvidia and Intel Tipped To Partner Up

According to CEO Jensen Huang, Nvidia is currently considering Intel foundries as an option for their chip manufacturing.

In a report published by Reuters, Huang says that the gaming hardware titan is currently exploring the idea, but as the decision would require integrating supply chains, the discussion does not happen overnight.

When asked about his concerns with working with a rival company such as intel, Huang noted that “Intel has known our secrets for years,” and that working with other major names in the industry is key in their own development as a company.

Currently, most of Nvidia’s chips are manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), along with chips for AMD, Apple, Broadcom, MediaTek and more.

Intel on the other hand has developed their own chips for years, and last year looked into expanding into foundry services and the development of external chips. Currently, Amazon and mobile processor developer Qualcomm have been revealed to be some of the first to sign up for Intel’s services.

Credit: Intel

Furthermore, Intel is set to develop new manufacturing centers in Europe and the US.

In response to the news that Nvidia is looking to manufacture their chips with Intel, CEO Pat Geisinger said that Intel is “thrilled” and confirmed that discussions between Intel and Nvidia are underway.

While currently there is no news on when this new partnership will begin, two of the biggest names in computing hardware collaborating is big news for the industry.


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