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Nougat Finally Comes To HTC 10

Last year’s flagship from HTC, the HTC 10, has finally been upgraded to Android Nougat. At least, if you’re a Telstra customers.

HTC Australia announced the news over Twitter earlier this week.


No word yet on when other carriers will roll out the upgrade.

The update will HTC U owners gain access to a number of new features like multi-lock language settings, multi-window view and quick switch between apps. It also includes a security patch for vulnerabilities dated May 1st.

More generally, it brings the HTC 10 in line with the company’s more recent U-branded efforts on a software level.

Since it launched last year, Android Nougat has grown to encompass over 10% of all total active Android devices.

The successor to Nougat, currently called Android O, is expected to launch later in the year.