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Notebook Sales Surge Acer Up 119% In Some Markets

Demand for notebooks is soaring and one big winner is Acer who saw sales in the US market soar 119% last year, In Australia the Taiwanese Company is set to report increases in sales and profits as demand for their gaming, education and business PC’s increase due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

New research reveals that notebook shipments, excluding detachable models, surged over 10% sequentially to hit 60 million units in the fourth quarter of 2020 with the real possibility emerging that prices could climb by over 20% due to shortages.

This was driven by robust demand for remote work and study amid the worsening pandemic in key global markets.

In Australia brands such as Lenovo, Dell and Acer are struggling to keep up with demand due in part to component shortages and shipping issues.

According to Digitimes Research shipments in 2020 rose over 25% to a 9-year high of 201 million units.

However due to shipping and component shortages worldwide notebook shipments are expected to fall by around 10% in this quarter 2021.

In the same period last year shipments were down between 15-25% for the same quarter.

Brands such as HP are ramping up shipments of Chromebooks in the quarter in an effort to compete with Acer who are market leader in schools with their Chromebook offering.

Digitimes said that Lenovo may not be able to achieve the same shipment levels as its peers in first-quarter 2021 as its channel distributors in the US and Europe reported high inventory levels left over from the preceding quarter.
In Australia Lenovo is running heavy promotion and discount programs with retailers such as JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman.

Acer who prefers to take margin due to supply demands has cut back supply to JB Hi Fi.

Dell who are currently selling through over 60% of its shipments, may see shipments for first-quarter 2021 fall sequentially claims Digitimes.

Taiwanese OMD manufacturer Quanta Computer will continue to lead in first-quarter 2021 due to stable shipments of Apple devices and last-batch orders for education-use Chromebooks from Japan.

Compal Electronics is expected to sustain the same shipment ratio of 30% in the quarter as registered a quarter earlier.

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