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Nonda Roll Out ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

After first jumping into the Australian market with ZUS Smart Car Charger, nonda are now set to round out their range of automotive accessories with the new ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor.

Designed to help you avoid dangerous blowouts and powered by next-generation German sensors, the accessory keeps track of your car tires while driving.

The set of four sensors (tied together by a fifth node that sits inside your car and acts as a hub) securely attach to your vehicle and monitor both tire pressure and temperature. Setup is said to be quick and easy, requiring only ten minutes and no trips to the mechanic.

nonda say their proprietary AccurateTemp algorithm continuously analyzes sensor data and alerts the driver to any safety issues and claim it’s the only device on the market that can accurately detect slow leaks and help drivers avoid dangerous situations before they occur.

“Advanced tire safety monitoring is often reserved for luxury cars. Unfortunately, the average driver is unaware that their basic factory-installed tire monitoring system is not keeping them safe.” said Joseph Yuan, CEO, nonda US.

According to him, “the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor boosts safety, increases fuel economy and offers drivers advanced technology at an affordable price.”

Interestingly, nonda is turning to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to bring the device to market – at least, initially.

Early response to the crowdfunding campaign has been strong, with the device soaring past its initial goal of $20,000 to $300,000.

In Australia, nonda say the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor will be available to purchase from Harvey Norman and VideoPro from early August at $169.

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