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Nokia Ramps Up Global 5G Push Against Huawei

Nokia has set its sights on dethroning Huawei as a global 5G telco supplier, following reports the Finnish company is playing ‘both sides’ of the US-China trade war.

Reported by the Wall Street Journal Nokia is currently the world’s second largest telco equipment provider, and is further transforming itself into a formidable 5G vendor.

As previously reported, in Australia Optus has heavily invested in Nokia components for its first 5G home broadband plans.

The Finnish company has emerged an alternative to Huawei, following strained US-China tensions over cyber security and national intelligence.

Concerns have since rippled through US allies and other Western governments, with Nokia considered a viable alternative.

According to wsj, Nokia sales staff are cold calling wireless carriers in countries where the US has intensified its anti-China campaign.

Congruent with this, Nokia is reportedly also stepping up its Chinese 5G presence via a joint enterprise with a state-owned Chinese enterprise.

In the greater China region, Nokia reportedly employs triple the number of staff than its Finnish HQ – around 17,000.

“We want to be a friend of China”, claims Nokia Chief Executive Rajeev Suri.

Reports claim Nokia has set its sights on being China’s largest foreign telco supplier.

Back in July, Nokia inked a $US1.1 billion telco equipment and services deal with China Mobile, and three weeks later agreed to provide 5G infrastructure to US-based T-Mobile for $US3.5 billion.

Despite, this some commentators claim the Finnish giant has a long way to go before it reaches Huawei, whose division has a lead of around two decades.

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