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Nintendo Tipped To Unveil Next-Gen Switch 2021

Nintendo is reportedly planning to unveil the next-generation of its best-selling Switch console in 2021, according to supply chain rumblings.

According to Bloomberg, supply chain sources claim the revamped console with boast increased computing power and 4K HD graphics.

It will be the first time Nintendo has issued a significant upgrade to the Switch since its release in 2017, and follows ‘Lite’ versions launched last year.

Reports claim the next-gen Switch will release alongside a strong line-up of new games, which commentators assume is a reflector of its comparatively light schedule this year.

Nintendo is still sitting on successors to popular titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which analysts state may be promoted alongside more robust hardware specifications in the future.

Sales of the Nintendo Switch have remained robust, with the company selling over 61 million units by July end.

The Nintendo Switch is powered by NVIDIA chip components, which has seemingly dated alongside later mobile technology advancements.

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