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Nintendo Ramp Up Switch Supply Prior To Holiday Season

The Nintendo Switch has been a global hit with gamers, however, the console has been increasingly difficult to obtain amid strong demand and comparatively insufficient supply.

Many global retailers have been out of stock, and new stock has been selling out rapidly – some stating within a few hours.

Fans have previously voiced their frustrations at the Japanese-based company for not forecasting and therefore meeting the quantity of demand.

Whilst Nintendo have previously assured fans several times that it will be ramping up its Nintendo Switch production, a new statement from a company spokesperson seems to offer solid confirmation:

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure everyone who wants to buy a Nintendo Switch system can do so. We will ramp up production for the holiday period, which has been factored into our forecast.”

Word has it, this official forecast is between 10 million and 18 million units, and sources state Nintendo have already requested production for this number.

Some retailers have offered their support of the console maker stating that it is seeing the effects of Nintendo’s supply improvements.

The product is tipped to be a popular favourite around the holiday season.

However, some analysts state that even if Nintendo hopes to ship 18 million Switch units for the first year, it will likely also have to fight for factory space against rival companies who are also ramping up production prior to the holiday season.

On the other hand, some companies believe Switch shortages could extend well into 2018, and will be enhanced by the release of popular new titles such as Super Mario Odyssey.

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