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New Vero Releases Extend Acer’s Green Credentials

Interesting news from the Acer announcement this morning is the expansion of their Vero line of eco-friendly products which use PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic, as well as being committed to recyclable packaging.

They may have their heart in the green zone, but the Vero range also meet tech demands.

In store early next week, the Acer Aspire Vero is an eco-friendly laptop which is also upgradable. It’s the company’s first step to a green PC that uses PCR across its whole chassis.

For now, Aspire’s chassis is composed of 30 per cent PCR plastic, cutting CO² emissions by 21 per cent for the production of that part.

Also in the Vero line-up is the TravelMate Vero business laptop, combining the eco-friendly Vero design with 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processors,

The Veriton Vero is a mini desktop PC that boasts commercial-grade performance and can be customised. Its ventilated chassis is comprised of 25 per cent PCR plastic.

For a sustainable FHD monitor, the Vero BR277’s housing is made from more than 50 per cent PCR plastic, and it proudly displays several green certifications.

Vero devices are designed to be simple to dissemble, making repairs and upgrades easier and increasing their lifespan and reducing landfill.

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