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New Sonos App Update Promises Quicker Playback

Premium audio specialists Sonos have launched a major software update update for their Sonos app into public beta today.

The company says “With the continued growth of streaming music, Sonos knows that its users are listening to playlists and radio stations more than ever.”

“Today, Sonos are enhancing the way people play music via the Sonos app, making it even easier to control and play music out loud and ensure the music never stops (unless you want it to).”

The big improvements the update will make concern the music queuing (which has now been streamlined), the ‘Play All’ and ‘Shuffle’ commands and room grouping functionality.

The end results here will allow for a quicker and smoother experience with all compatible Sonos products.

ChannelNews reached out to Sonos HQ for clarification and were told that “there are over 60 services integrated into the SONOS app (including every major paid streaming service and TuneIn which in itself has tens of thousands of radio stations).”

When we asked about a release date for the full release of the app we were told that “due to our very high quality experience bar, Sonos doesn’t release a GA until we can ensure a premium experience for all users.”

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