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New MacBook Tipped October 27

Apple who have been forced to fly HR executives from the US to hose down a scandal at one of their Australian stores is tipped to later this month launch a brand new MacBook.

The Company is also looking to prop up their dwindling iPhone revenue by launching a new range of accessories for their notebook line-up. The US Company generate significant revenue by charging accessory companies a licence fee when they manufacture attachments or accessories that wrap around or attach to an Apple product.   

Zee M Kane, who posts under the Twitter handle @Zee, is a digital media brand advisor and former CEO of technology site The Next Web. In a tweet sent earlier today, he said: “Just got an email from a company with an offer to pre-order their MacBook sleeves designed for the new MacBooks to be released on the 27th.”


The MacBook sleeves are produced by a company called Waterfield, and are purportedly made in a small workshop in San Francisco, Apple’s home turf. The new version is called the Maxwell Sleeve, and is available for pre-order ahead of an October 27 release. There are four colour options (green, black, blue, red) and an optional suspension strap – we can hardly contain ourselves.

What’s interesting is that Apple has been widely rumoured to be planning a launch event for a new MacBook on October 27. It’s expected that invitations will be sent out within the next week, and that an event will be held out in San Francisco.overview_colors_large_2x.0

The new MacBook is expected to debut a major redesign. One of the most prominent rumoured changes affects the keyboard; the top row of function keys will supposedly be replaced with a touch-sensitive OLED strip that will display customisable buttons and notifications. We’re also expected to see USB-C added, just like the 12-inch MacBook, as well as a new AMD Polaris GPU.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities believes that the new MacBook Pro – both in its 13-inch and 15-inch guises -–will sport an all-new design, with a “thinner and lighter” build that takes cues from the 2015 (and 2016) MacBook. The refreshed look will allegedly incorporate metal injection moulded hinges.

The MacBook influence should be seen in the new MacBook Pro’s adoption of the USB Type-C port as well, and Thunderbolt 3 support is highly likely to be provided. Kuo further claims that the new MacBook Pro will be the first OS X device to feature Apple’s Touch ID technology.

Intriguingly, Kuo also believes that the 2016 MacBook Pro will scrap the usual function keys along the top of the keyboard. In their place will be an OLED ‘Touch Bar’.

These rumours have (mostly) been backed up by subsequent reports, including one from noted Apple fancier Mark Gurman in Bloomberg, who says that the new MacBook Pro is currently in “advanced testing”.