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New iQ5 Tipped To Be Wi-Fi 6 Compatible & New Management Hub For SmartHouse Devices

Senior Foxtel management have confirmed mid-2021 is when Australians will get access to a powerful new 4K iQ5 box, that streams movies and TV shows, manages content and can be used as the home hub for controlling smarthouse gear such as lighting, security as well as smart home devices.

The voice activated iQ5 box which ChannelNews revealed for the first time yesterday (see story here) is tipped to be Wi Fi 6 compatible some believe is essential in any new streaming box being delivered into the Australian market where Companies such as D Link are now rolling out low-cost Wi Fi 6 routers.

A Foxtel spokesperson said, “We anticipate a mid-year around July 2021 launch, it will be exciting”.

The new iQ5 will make the TV central to the SmartHouse allowing it to be the means by which users can display displaying multiple services to a TV screen.

One of the primary uses of the built in Google and Alexa voice assistants is being able to control and managing home IoT services such as lighting and heating, as well as simplifying the management of a home network.

Foxtel can in the future become aggregators of voice-visual services in the home, such as e-health, home security, education, and other home services as more people move to work from home.

Commscope Company behind the new Foxtel box is also the owner of the ARRIS the Company that manufacturers the popular US SURFboard MAX Wi Fi 6 router which Australian distributor Tempo is hoping to deliver in Australia this year subject to availability.

In the US, the Company is struggling to keep up with demand due to COVID-19.

The new SURFboard mAX, which was revealed at CES 2021, is the latest tri-band Wi-Fi 6 mesh system and features the industry’s newest 802.11ax standard that allows for increased data capacity to handle a customer’s whole-home network needs.

Experts claim that by building Wi Fi 6 into the iQ5 consumers will experience a smoother download of content along with a better 4K stream of content.
ChannelNews has been told that the next Fetch TV box will be Wi Fi 6 compatible.

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