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New iPhone Shipments To Hit 80M In 2HY18

Californian-based Apple is forecast to hit 75 million to 80 million unit shipments of its newly released iPhones during the second half of the year – encompassing the new iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

According to renowned Apple analyst, Ming-chi Kuo, outlook for the budget-friendly iPhone XR is “positive”, notably in China, driven by price and dual-SIM support.

Kuo has also upped his ratio forecast for the iPhone XR, with the device tipped to represent 55% – 60% of total new iPhone sales, versus the premium XS and XS Max.

The top-tier iPhone XS Max is expected to represent 25% – 30% of total iPhone shipments in the second half of the year.

By contrast, the iPhone XS is forecast to notch 10% – 20%, down from 15% to 20%.

Apple’s recently unveiled Apple Watch 4 is expected to represent 50% – 55% of total Apple watch shipments in 2HY18, with total volume forecast to hit 18 million. It follows enhanced functionality, such as new health monitoring specs.

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