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New GoPro Weighs Less Than Airpods

GoPro has released what has to be the lightest commercially-available camera ever: the Hero 10 Black Bones, which weighs in at a remarkable 56g.

(This is less than a pair of Airpods Pro in the charging case, which are 5.4 grams per earbud, plus 45.6 grams for the case.)

The Hero 10 Black Bones is a stripped down version of its flagship Hero model, designed to fit 3-inch-class drones, which are too small for regular GoPros.

To hit this weight, GoPro has removed the display, speaker, GPS, battery, and replaced the metal enclosure with a lightweight plastic one. This is bare bones stuff (hence the name), but the 5.3K/60p video quality makes it perfect for those purely looking for great action shots.

The GoPro Hero 10 Black Bones is out in the US, with a global release planned. GoPro “does not have a date yet for international availability”, but it’s likely to be pricey by the time it flies here, currently retailing for US$499.99.

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