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New Aussie In Push For Better Security For Telecoms Services

Macquarie Telecom has welcomed yesterday’s introduction of the Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure) Bill to Federal Parliament.

The bill is said to recognise telecommunications and datacentres as critical national infrastructure for the first time and ensure that they are protected from a growing number of risks.

Said David Tudehope, Macquarie Telecom CEO, yesterday: “The Covid 19 pandemic and sudden lockdowns have highlighted the economy’s dependence on telecommunications and data services, and Australians’ expectation that these services will be accessible even in the worst of circumstances.

“But the lockdowns have also highlighted that these industries were not actually officially recognised as being essential or critical to the functioning of society.

“This new legislation will rectify this, as it recognises the infrastructure that enables our digital economy to function as critical infrastructure, that needs to be secured from all hazards. just as our water, energy and other vital national assets are.”

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