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New 13″ Amazon Echo Home Control Centre Coming

Amazon is tipped to launch a new Echo display device that can be wall mounted and used as a home control centre, Alexa voice control will come built in.

According to Bloomberg the device is designed to work as a home command centre. Apparently, it will have a touchscreen interface, similar to the Echo Show device, although much slimmer.

Amazon is said to be considering different sizes including a 10″ and 13-inch screen that will let you control multiple smart home devices, play music and movies, and conduct video calls using the built-in camera.

The new device is being developed by Amazon’s Lab126 hardware division who were responsible for Amazon’s range of Kindle e-readers, Kindle tablets, Fire TV devices, and Echo speakers.

It recently launched the Echo Show 10, where the device and its 10in screen automatically swivels to follow you around the room during video calls. It was delayed after an initial September announcement.

The wall-mounted device will likely launch at the end of this year or early in 2022. According to Bloomberg’s sources, it will cost around $295.

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