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Netflix Won’t Play With macOS

The release of macOS Catalina brought with it a myriad of new features and improvements to the Mac ecosystem, with the notable inclusion of iOS apps; however, not everyone is playing nice with Apple, namely Netflix.

macOS Catalina allows developers to port iPad apps to the Mac through ‘Project Catalyst’; however, Bloomberg has reported that Netflix will not be providing a native app.

While no official reason was given from Netflix, developers have reportedly felt “uneasy” about Apple’s goal of seamless compatibility between iOS and Mac.

The goal of merging two very different platforms presents a massive challenge of design and functionality, as the reality is iPadOS apps still carry over ‘vestiges of its iPad optimisations’ that don’t play well with Macs.

Only 20 ported iPad apps were made available on launch day (7 October) for macOS Catalina, with showcased apps DC Universe and Asphalt 9 missing the release altogether, and have been removed.

Project Catalyst also heralded the demise of iTunes, the once-revolutionary app, which has now been officially replaced by Apple Music, Podcasts, Books and TV.

Apple has explained that the new applications will organise your media ‘just like the apps on iOS’.

iTunes will still be available to Windows users to manage media libraries, sync content and make purchases and the iTunes Store will also remain inside the Apple Music app.

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