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Netflix Subscribers To Get New Hit Games

Netflix has announced new games will be arriving on its mobile gaming platform, headlined by the 2020 hit game from Supergiant Games ‘Hades.’ The games will be available on mobile devices for any subscriber.

Netflix Games first launched in 2021, and has increased a commitment to gaming during a Geeked Week stream, where it was revealed several games will be coming to the platform.

Along with ‘Hades,’ other games that will become available include ‘Katana Zero,’ ‘Death’s Door,’ ‘Money Heist,’ ‘Chicken Run: Eggstraction,’ ‘The Dragon Prince: Xadia,’ and ‘Braid: Anniversary Edition.’

‘Hades’ was one of the top games in 2020, and is already available on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

‘Hades 2’ is currently in development, and will enter early access during Q2 2024. Other notable titles are ‘Katana Zero,’ and ‘Death’s Door.’ There is no release date yet, but upon launch, they will be available to all Netflix subscribers at no extra charge.

‘Braid: Anniversary Edition’ is a remaster of the original from 2008. It was initially launched on Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade.

It came to PC and PS3 later on, and to celebrate the 15th anniversary, the remaster is said to have improved sound, hand-repainted graphics, and smoother animations.

Players will also get the ability to swap back and forth between the old and new versions. It’s expected to arrive in April 2024.

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