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NBN Co ‘Welcomes’ ACCC Access Pricing Inquiry

In light of the recent ACCC announcement of its investigation into NBN wholesale charges, NBN Co has come out and welcomed any additional options that the watchdog may identify through its Access Pricing Inquiry.

The ACCC’s inquiry is focused on pricing for basic speed broadband products offering 12/1Mbps and will consider whether regulation is needed to ensure a smooth transition for consumers to the NBN from legacy services.

Speaking to iTWire, an NBN Co spokesman said they have since been working cooperatively with the ACCC, Retail Services Providers (RSPs) and industry groups in regards to its wholesale pricing, but while it does welcome the current investigation, believes they should still be “allowed the opportunity to grow its revenues and reinvest in the network”.

“As part of our strong commitment to the entry-level, price-sensitive segment, we introduced a modified 12/1 Entry Level Bundle (mELB) discount on October 1, 2019,” the spokesman told iTWire.

“The discount provides RSPs with the flexibility to develop affordable 12/1 broadband plans for a similar price to legacy products, with either capped or uncapped data inclusions.”

“To increase future certainty for retailers and customers, we’ve also announced that we will publish a rolling two-year roadmap of future pricing across all wholesale speed tiers.”

The new inquiry was also welcomed by Telstra, who has recently been locked in a public battle with NBN Co over its “unsustainable prices”.

Speaking to iTnews, a Telstra spokesperson said it is reassuring to see the ACCC undertaking a much-needed transparent and comprehensive inquiry on NBN Co’s pricing.

“NBN Co’s plans are costly and complex and there is still a lot of uncertainty in the way they sell their plans,” the spokesperson told iTnews.

“If Australia wants to see the social and economic benefits of their investment in the NBN, we need to ensure prices are kept affordable for consumers and RSPs.”

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