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NBN Co Moots New IoT Role

NBN Co is looking at the possibility of entering the Internet Of Things (IoT) market its principal technology officer for FTTx (fibre to the “x” or optical fibre delivery technologies) Daniel Willis has told the Broadband World Forum in London.

The move could well prove controversial as such a role has never previously been mentioned or luded in NBN Co’s strategy statements or government predictions.Willis told the forum that despite this NBN Co is already working closely with cities and councils to find new roles for its network.

He admitted that IoT doesn’t get a mention in NBN Co’s current statement of expectations but said he believed the company’s CTO office – of which he is part – could help “inform” its shareholders on “opportunities to expand NBN’s remit”.

Willis said the NBN already carried some IoT traffic today but it would like a more active role: for instance working with “smart city” programs to underpin emerging IoT models.

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