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NAD’s CS1 Network Streamer Delivers High-Res Audio At A Nice Price

NAD’s new CS1 network streamer is bringing hi-res playback into an affordable realm, allowing you to access pretty much any major streaming service for only US$349.

That low entry point doesn’t just deliver hi-res streaming to any integrated amp, receiver or pair of powered loudspeakers, it’s a snap to set up, bringing high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/194kHz.

When it hits market in March, you’ll also be rolling with Bluetooth, ethernet, dual-band WiFi, plus it supports popular streaming and casting protocols such as GoogleCast, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect and Roon, so you won’t have to install a dedicated app to use the CS1 with the music apps you interact with on a daily basis.

All up, there are a bunch of ways to play your tunes through the NAD CS1 Endpoint Streamer. You can pair it to your phone, tablet or computer through Bluetooth, and there are plenty of options of playing music via your home network.

Use AirPlay 2 to stream CD-res audio from an iTunes library on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, or from an iTunes library on a Windows PC.

GoogleCast will also let you cue up tunes on any Cast-enabled app on a mobile device or computer, then transmit playback to the CS1.

Spotify and Tidal users can also cue music in those apps and transmit playback to the CS1, and Roon subscribers can play from their libraries and from streaming services at resolutions up to 24-bit/102kHz.

The CS1 also presents an innovative differential digital section for very low noise and excellent dynamic performance, plus it has full MQA rendering and decoding capacity for playing master-quality music from Tidal.

Connect it all to your home network through WiFi or hardwire its LAN ethernet port to your router. Plus, there’s a pair of RCA analog outputs to hook up to a stereo receiver, integrated amp, preamp or a pair of powered speakers.

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