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MSI Shows Off Flagship Laptops & Innovations At CES 2020

MSI has won accolades at CES 2020 with 10 innovation awards and established their status in both the gaming and content creation spaces.

Foreseeing future trend, MSI continues to innovate new advancements for laptops and are currently showcasing its new flagship laptops – the GE 66 Raider and GS66 Stealth – along with an award-winning lineup of products made for both gamers and creators at this year’s trade show in Las Vegas.

The GE66 Raider shines with MSI’s auroral Mystic Light

This year, MSI grandly unveiled its futuristic flagship laptop, the GE66 Raider. The GE66 Aurora edition is the fusion of sci-fi and resplendency, with the design paying homage to the technology of the future with its fantastic appearance, speed and uncompromising performance.

From the top chassis to the hinge, the integral aluminium casing, ornate with shining simulated titanium silver with subtle, cool-toned accents, exudes luster like rays of light gleamed from the galaxy.

Most extraordinarily is the chassis, which is illuminated by compelling, exclusive panoramic auroral lighting. The Mystic Light bar traverses the front of the GE66’s palm rest in 16.7 million colours, which creates an alluring auroral, visionary ambience.

The GE66 is much lighter, but with more uncompromised powerful performance than ever. The 15.6-inch laptop flaunts its new, aesthetic, oblique-angle design to present a sleeker, lighter appearance, while its performance is comprehensively upgraded.

It is paired with an optional, ultra-fast 300Hz gaming display to deliver the most precise and blazing framerates, while its state-of-the-art hardware is powered by a 99.9Wh battery – the highest capacity allowed on flights – to extend the glory moments of gamers.

GE66 Dragonshield Limited Edition: the real-life spaceship has landed!

To demonstrate that the GE66 is a high-performance vehicle as powerful as a spaceship for gamers, a never-before-seen limited edition was born.

The GE66 Raider Dragonshield Limited Edition is a design collaboration between MSI and famed digital artist Colie Wertz, known for his concept art and 3D modelling for Hollywood films like Star Wars, Transformers and Iron Man, among many others.

“I imagined the Dragonshield being the heart of the machine’s design. In doing so, I envisioned the shield being displayed prominently on the back of a winged ship,” Wertz said.

The chassis is partially armoured with etched metal panels, which resembles the section of a spaceship. Wertz has successfully turned imagination into reality and vitalised the GE66 into a tough, interstellar fighter spacecraft.

GS66 Stealth: lower profile but higher capability

MSI GS66 Stealth is the latest member of the slim-n-light gaming squadron. The GS66 features a pure black, mystical theme and premium texture in a more low-key way, making it sharper and sleeker than ever.

The cutting-edge features are all packed inside this stealth fighter, not only with a new battery that reaches the highest legal capacity for flying at 99.9Wh, but its triple-fan cooling design (Cooler Boost Trinity+) is now redesigned with the world’s thinnest 0.1mm fan blades for up to 10% more airflow for a much better thermal solution.

With a powerful battery and great cooling capacity, the GS66 has perfectly interpreted “worker by day, gamer by night” like a dark knight.

Creator 17: MSI’s first with a Mini LED display aimed for Creatives

The Creator 17 is the honouree of the “Digital Imaging or Photography” innovation award for CES. According to CES, the Creator 17 sits at the pinnacle of excellence for content creation, enabling creators to take the power of a fully loaded professional studio on-the-go.

It comes with the previously mentioned Mini LED display, a 17-inch 4K display, and meets HDR 1000 standards.

Furthermore, the Creator 17 also supports a wide colour gamut of 100% DCI-P3, making it a contender for the best true-to-life colour accuracy to human eyes.

Prestige 14: craftmanship to show the colour of attitude

The Prestige 14 has launched a new pink version following the pure white and carbon grey, which inherits the slim chassis, premium texture, high-end performance and the True Pixel precise colour accuracy of the MSI Prestige series.

The elegant rose-pink casing is designed to showcase creative power through classy taste and to express the distinctive personality of creators.

An early glimpse at MSI’s technological camouflage concept laptop

MSI also displayed plenty of trendy concept laptops with different characteristics and colours at CES 2020 – most of note being the conceptual camo version of the GF65.

It comes in three designs – a never-antiquated military camouflage pattern combined with digital triangular elements, bringing out a rich layer of metal texture.

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