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MSI Enables 256GB DDR5 Memory Support On Intel Motherboards

MSI has enabled up to 256GB DDR5 memory support on its range of Intel 700 and 600 series motherboards, boosting RAM limits to 256GB.

The company says its available now for Intel 700 and 600 series motherboards, and reveals the user doesn’t need to disable anything to get the 256GB RAM support.

The new BIOS provides the benefit via a BIOS flash. The user will need four DDR5 DIMMs to install it, with 4x 64GB sticks of DDR5 memory.

Dual-DIMM motherboards will now support up to 128GB installed through 2x 64GB sticks.

MSI said “this accomplishment underscores the strong collaboration between MSI and leading memory brands to achieve enhanced performance and remarkable milestones.”

“The partnered memory for this achievement is Kingston Fury Renegage DDR5 memory, offering an impressive 64GB capacity per module. Built on Micron’s industry-leading 1b (1-beta) technology, enables new capacities not seen before for dual channel PCs.”

One source said, “MSI rolls out BIOS for Intel 700/600 mobos, with RAM capacity support up to 256GB. As per a friend in the industry, before this, it needs to disable Above 4G/Resizable BAR/remapping to support 256GB on Intel systems. MSI has fixed this. No need to disable Above 4G/Resizable Bar.”

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