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MSI Claim Largest Gaming Notebook Supplier

Taiwan-based gaming notebook manufacturer, Micro-Star International (MSI) has reportedly shipped 1.2 million gaming notebooks in 2018, making them the largest gaming notebook supplier in terms of shipment numbers and profitability.

DigiTimes reported on the findings stating that through its gaming sub-brands, MSI managed to fend off competition from Asustek Computer.

Unnamed supply chain sources claimed that worldwide gaming laptop shipments only experiences an on-year growth of 10% last year, which has decreased significantly from 20-30% growth in previous years.

Shipment growths are estimated to slow down even further this year, leading MSI to branch out into different areas for its notebooks.

MSI has begun focusing on notebooks that cater to digital content creation, targeting creative professionals, leading to the debut of its new PS63 Modern laptop at CES 2019.

According to the report, MSI is experiencing strong sales in the digital content creation area in Asia, Pacific, and Europe, and is therefore expected to keep its overall gross margin stable for the foreseeable future.

With huge strides being made in gaming notebooks it would appear unwise for MSI to stray too far from gaming notebooks, as global trends are showing that there is a huge consumer base ready and waiting to experience the best in the gaming world.

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