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Motorola On A Roll Now Have A Product To Take On Samsung Claims GM

Motorola is looking to fill the slots vacated by Sony and HTC in the smartphone market, but they are going to have to compete with a new range of Samsung A series smartphone and later this year a new range of TCL midrange smartphones.

Yesterday Motorola launched their all new Motorola One Vision a $499 device that Danny Adamopoulos, GM Sales APAC for Mature Markets at Motorola said that he believes Motorola can take it right up to the Samsung SA Series offering with a similar specked Android but “At up to $150 cheaper” he said when smashing the device on a table to prove the strength of the new Gorilla Glass screen.

The One Vision is Motorola’s first Android One phone which is available in Australia via JB Hi Fi and Adamopoulos believes that it has the pedigree and features to be a major competitor in the mid-tier market.
ChannelNews understands that a second carrier is set to range Motorola devices a move that will put pressure on struggling Chinese brands Oppo and Huawei.

Currently Motorola devices are ranged by Telstra with management set to use JB Hi Fi’s catalogue and EDM marketing to grow awareness of their new device.

Adamopoulos claimed that their value product sales are improving following an expansion of the brand into stores such as Officeworks, The Good Guys, as well as Aldi and Big W.

He claimed that Motorola research revealed that three core issues were essential when offering a mid-tier smartphone, they are Camera quality and performance, Battery Life, and the power of the processor in a device. He said that their new Motorola One Vision met all these requirements.

The Motorola One Vision has a dual camera and features a 6.3-inch FHD+ AMOLED display with a 21:9 aspect ratio. It also has a Samsung-made SoC which pairs the Exynos 9609 with a 3500mAh battery, 128GB of storage (expandable via Micro SD) and 4GBs of RAM. The device will be upgraded to Android Q when it arrives.

At this stage Motorola is refusing to say when they will launch a 5G smartphone, but it could come as early as this year with the Lenovo owned Company still in talks with carriers in Australia. The Company already has a 5G model on sale in the USA.

Adamopoulos, claimed that one of the big differences between a Motorola device and competing Chinese brands is that it their devices have a failure rate of less than 1%.

Danny Adamopoulos GM Motorola


When asked about the overall performance of Motorola and the fact that they still don’t appear to be making headway up against brands such as Alcatel he said “We are in a marathon not a sprint and if you chase market share you lose money. We have broken even and are profitable and we are working to a 4-year plan” he said.

He claims that the cost of handsets are rising and that consumers are taking longer which in Motorola’s case is 17 months to update their smartphones. He said that this and the restructure of carrier operations in Australia is “transforming the market in Australia”.

“We are fortifying our position in the mid-tier market and I believe that we now have a range that makes Motorola highly competitive”.

He also hinted that there are further models in the pipeline.

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