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More Aussie Car Buyers Looking Online For Advice: Roy Morgan

Some 43 percent of Australians who intend to buy a new car before 2020 are doing most of their automotive research online, a new report by Roy Morgan Research claims.

As the planned purchase date draws closer, more would-be buyers hit the Web – peaking at 72pc doing online research in the final month before buying, Morgan says.

The numbers are considerable. Roy Morgan’s latest Automotive Currency Report estimates that 2.37 million Australians are currently in the market to buy a brand new car within the next four years.

Overall, an estimated 43 percent of these are using the Web for car-buying research in the last six months, but the percentage rises as the purchase date approaches.

The big spike is said to happen once buyers get within three months of purchase: by then 69 percent have looked up car information online. One month before a likely purchase, at least 72 percent are looking online.

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