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M&K Limited Edition Speakers Revealed, Used By Big Movie Studios

Have you ever wondered what speakers film studios like 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm LTD, Skywalker Sound or Walt Disney Studios use to produce their big blockbusters? The answer is Miller & Kreisel who have launched a new M&K S150 limited edition speaker in Australia.

Shortly Melbourne residents will be able to hear this speaker on a brand-new set being built inside the RIO Sound and Vision store in Preston that replicates a movie sound stage.

George Lucas and his sound designers have already used these to produce and record music and effects for classic films such as Star Wars Episode 1 – 3 or Red Tails

Now the Company has rolled out a special edition limited to 250-piece speaker set called the M&K S150 “25th Anniversary Limited Edition” complete with its own unique serial number.

Distributor Indi Group have managed to get their hands on 10 of the Limited-Edition speakers.

It’s worth being quick. The 25th Limited Edition is limited to 250 pieces globally.

Rick McCallum, producer of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, says of Miller & Kreisel loudspeakers: “We used the THX loudspeaker systems from M & K-Sound in both the sound design and the image processing rooms for the Star Wars films.

Thanks to the accuracy and image quality of the M&K Sound THX speakers, we can hear all the nuances of dialogue, music, and sound effects in every phase of the creative process.

This enables us to create the powerful, yet subtle and compelling soundtracks that are the hallmark of Star Wars films. ”

At a quick glance, the THX-Ultra-2-certified M&K S150 “25th Anniversary Limited Edition” look impressive.

They consist of an almost square housing with dimensions of 32 x 27 x 31 cm (H x W x D) and are used in a multi-channel system as front speakers, centre speakers or surround boxes.

The wide range of possible applications is achieved with the help of generous waveguides around the three Tweeter domes arranged one above the other.

As a result, the speakers are recommended for playback in the direct near field (studio / stereo) as well as at greater distances (home cinema / surround).

Two 5.25-inch drivers with fiberglass membranes, produced exclusively by the Danish partner ScanSpeak, are responsible for the midrange and bass.

Even the coils and capacitors of the crossover come from Denmark.

They are manufactured by the Danish company Jantzen Audio, which also equips other high-end speakers with their components.

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