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Microsoft Teases Surface ‘Studio’ Reveal

Hype for Microsoft’s impending New York-based product event, expected to reveal the next generation of Surface hardware, continues to build.

Leaked reports say that Microsoft will show off an all-in-one PC that doubles as a drawing tool you can lay flat on a desk.

If additional patent filings are to be believed, this new PC – previously known under the code-name Cardinal – will be branded as the Surface Studio.

A consumer-grade Hololens headset and an overhauled version of Microsoft Paint has also been rumored.

Microsoft have even taken to using their voice assistant Cortana to talk up the occasion, with the software dropping hints and references

Users asking Cortana to ‘spark their imagination’ found the software replied with a number of unique real-world examples of how to foster creativity, find inspiration, and solve problems.

Speculation says that Cortana’s suggestions and responses here are deliberate hints at the functionality to be revealed of the new Surface hardware to be revealed later this week.

Time will tell.

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