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Microsoft Takes On Chromebook With New Laptops For Schools

Microsoft has set its sights on the success of Google’s Chromebook, and unveiled several affordable new laptops aimed at the education industry.

In a bid to make their offer more tempting than rival Google, Microsoft’s new Windows 10 laptops will start at a very competitive US$189 and include a Minecraft: Education Edition with a special chemistry focused update.

Australian pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed, however, an incoming shakeup within the education space could be down the line.

Lenovo 100E

Lenovo 100E

The new Lenovo 100E is the most affordable of Microsoft’s new education-focused laptops, coming in at US$189.

The device incorporates an Intel Apollo Lake Celeron processor and is largely a no-frills notebook.

One up from the 100E is Lenovo’s 300E (US$299), which is an affordable new 2-in-1 convertible laptop, offering support for the Windows Ink stylus.

Lenovo’s 300E


Microsoft also unveiled the new Classmate Leap T303 (US$199) boasting Windows Hello support and Trigono V401 convertible laptop (US$299) which features touch functionality.

JP Classmate Leap T303

JP Trigono V401

The company is yet to provide detailed specifications on these devices, however, affirms that they are all ultra-durable, with fast WiFi and long battery life.

Mike Tholfsen, Principal Product Manager for Microsoft Education informed Engadget:

“We really think these new devices are not giving some of the compromises you see with Chromebooks in education”

“They really give the full power of Windows, for things like Inking, 3D, and Minecraft”.

Microsoft will provide further information about its Minecraft chemistry update later this year.

With Minecraft a tool loved by both students and teachers, enhancing the offering may just provide Microsoft with the edge it craves. (Chromebooks generally don’t run Minecraft).

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