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Microsoft Roll Out New Notebooks As They Hose Down Office 365 Problems

Microsoft who have spent the week hosing down problems with their Office 365, Teams and Outlook has overnight rolled out a cheap new notebook aimed at what they call ‘budget shoppers’, the big question is what is the quality like?

The Surface Laptop Go, starting at sub $1,000 in Australia, is smaller and lighter than the company’s other notebooks.

Available in three metallic finishes — ice blue, platinum, and a pinkish-gold colour that Microsoft calls sandstone, Microsoft is claiming 13 hours of battery life and an Intel processor.

At this stage it’s not known when the device will be launched in Australia.

The device which uses a fingerprint scanner to log in is also set to be sold into schools however it’s not known how rugged the device is.

The software maker uses the Surface notebooks to showcase its Windows and Office programs and to experiment with different hardware designs.

Microsoft has a far smaller position in the notebook market than the detachable-tablet space, where it’s No. 2 behind Apple. In the June quarter, Microsoft sold more than 1.61 million detachable machines and 245,934 laptops, according to IDC. The laptop market is a far larger prize, worth nearly $44 billion in the June period, compared with less than $10 billion for detachable tablets, IDC said.

In the year ended June 30, Surface sales rose by 8%, or $457 million, Microsoft said in a filing, without specifying total revenue. That’s a slower rate than the 23% increase the year before. The company reported $6.46 billion in devices revenue for the year, a metric that includes Surface devices, as well as mice and keyboards.

The Redmond, Washington-based company also unveiled a new Surface Pro X, an update to its detachable tablet device that runs a custom chip developed with Qualcomm. and using ARM Ltd.’s technology. The new model is faster and gets 15 hours of battery life, said Robin Seiler, a Surface vice president, in a video shared with media organisations. This is tipped to retail for $2K in Australia.

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