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Microsoft Now Selling HoloLens Units Direct

Microsoft’s augmented reality headset is still in a pretty open development phase but customers in the US or Canada can now order one directly from Microsoft.

“Developers looking to join our holographic journey can go to hololens.com and purchase up to five devices. No application required,” said Microsoft’s Alex Kipman in a blog post.

“I’m pleased to announce that we’re expanding the program, making HoloLens Development Edition available to all developers and business customers in the United States and Canada,” he said.

Unfortunately, at a price of $3000 a head, HoloLens isn’t quite consumer-level yet.

Accordingly, Microsoft have said that retail stores will not stock HoloLens. 

To coincide with the milestone, the company have also rolled out a new software offering called the HoloLens Commercial Suite, which adds some new enterprise-focused features like a kiosk mode and remote access.

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