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Meta Rescinds Full-Time Job Offers, Continues Firings

Meta admitted it was forced to rescind a number of full-time job offers made to recent graduates, as it continues its mass employee cull.

“As we continue to reassess our hiring needs, we’ve made the difficult decision to withdraw offers to a small number of candidates,” a Meta spokesperson said.

“While this decision did not come lightly, it allows us to remain thoughtful as we readjust our hiring through 2023 to align with our highest-priority work.”

Meta has also rescinded all 2023 summer internship offers at its London office.

Meanwhile, the company continues to shrink most of its team, with business and recruiting teams the hardest hit.

Mark Zuckerberg announced in early November the company would lay off 11,000 employees, reducing its workforce by 13 per cent. In addition, a hiring freeze was extended through to at least April.

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