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Meta Now Charging Cloud Providers for AI Tech, Previously Free

When Meta resells AI model Llama 2, it’s now planning on making money on cloud computing companies, after changing tone from last week when they said it would provide the technology for free.

Mark Zuckerberg said, “If you’re someone like Microsoft, Amazon or Google, and you’re going to basically be reselling the services, that’s something that we think we should get some portion of the revenue for. I don’t think that that’s going to be a large amount of revenue in the near-term, but over the long term, hopefully that can be something.”

Meta announced on July 18th that it would team up with Microsoft, and Amazon to offer Llama 2 for commercial user on partners’ cloud offerings without charge for access or use.

Now the company claims the technology becoming available for free and opening source code would result in improvements from a wider range of developers.

Llama 2 is still being called open, but those benefits have been reiterated, and now Meta have included a term stating the largest cloud companies don’t get a free license to use it, but they do have a business arrangement.

LLMs (large language models) aren’t limited in helping answer AI questions, but are trained through the feeding of immense amounts of information in order to refine a process for generating responses.

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