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Masters Cancels Supplier Orders, Not Answering Phones

Masters has tried to cancel supplier orders in an attempt to avoid having even more stock to clear as part of the chain’s widely criticised closing down sale.

An anonymous supplier told the Sydney Morning Herald that some staff within Woolworths believe Great American Group Australia, the company responsible for the clearance, had acted too slowly and did not take advantage of the widespread promotion and excitement when the sale was first announced.

“I understand week one of the sale went really well, the first week straight after the announcement, but after that it’s been pretty terrible. What they had to do was go hard in the first week so people would buy and then tell their friends,” the supplier said.

The company has also tried to bring forward the delivery date for some existing supplier orders, warning it may not accept any stock after that date. A spokesperson for the Great American Group Australia claimed this was only because the sale was going well, with the company expecting an increase in sales in the future.

Phone numbers for local stores have been disconnected, with customers only left with a national customer support number for information. Masters has also removed all products listing from their website, with customers being told the only way to find out prices is to visit a store.