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Martin Logan Motion i Range Arrives in Oz

Acclaimed premium speaker maker Martin Logan has introduced the next generation of ‘Motion i’ Series speakers, unveiling three new stylish enclosure designs.

The ‘Motion i’ series speakers will be available for purchase in Australia starting from $1299 for the Motion 15i performance bookshelf model to the flagship floor-standing 60XTi at $4999.

Available in three elegant finishes – Matte White, Red Walnut and Gloss Black – the new speakers will boast a matching metallic trim that masks tweeter and woofer mounting hardware for a clean, modern aesthetic.

While a majority of the changes are purely cosmetic, Martin Logan has decided ‘not to mess with a good thing’, utilising the same classic performance technology as previous models.

Unique to the Motion speakers is the Folded Motion and Folded Motion XT tweeter technology utilises an extremely loss mass diaphragm that squeezes air instead of pushing it.

The thin-film transducer design incorporates all the accuracy and delicacy of an electrostatic panel in much smaller space.

Lightweight Folded Motion diaphragms ‘increases audible bandwidth without sacrificing details’, which MartinLogan describes as being similar to a ‘sports car’s high power-to-weight ratio’.

This series has just arrived in Australia and will be available from authorised Martin Logan dealers.

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