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Marantz Introduces Two New Visually Appealing Amplifiers

High-performance audio specialist Marantz has introduced two new amplifiers. It includes an all-new wireless streaming amplifier called the Model M1, and a dedicated rack-mountable amplifier called the Model M4.

Sound Master tuned, designed, and built by Shirakawa Audio Works in Japan, the Model M1 can play audio either from a wide range of streamed music services, or can be connected to physical music sources or your TV owing to a number of analogue and digital input sockets.

Marantz says that Model M1’s high-power amplification offers 100W of stereo output with low distortion – 0.005 per cent THD via its digital inputs.

A subwoofer can be added for a 2.1-channel experience, and Model M1’s configuration options allow for full adjustment of both high-pass-filter and low-pass-filter frequencies independently, along with +/-15dB of subwoofer level trim.

Marantz Model M1 (Image: Supplied)

Marantz Model M1 (Image: Supplied)

Model M1 supports the full high-resolution music experience over streamed services, networks or even USB, including 24-bit/192kHz PCM support and provision for DSD.

The HEOS app can be used to access all the music services available on the HEOS platform, including the soon-to-be-released updates for TIDAL and Roon Ready support.

The Model M1 also supports Bluetooth, Spotify Connect and AirPlay2. To play music from vinyl records, it can connect to a record player (a model with an included phono stage or a separate, external phono amplifier) via the Model M1’s line-level RCA analogue inputs.

Marantz notes that the Model M1 has an included eARC HDMI input which means one-remote control over system volume levels and power management using your TV’s supplied handset. The onboard Dolby Digital+decoding supports audio codecs typically used by broadcast and streamed TV services in high quality. That includes a Dialogue Enhancer option to make voices more easily discernible when listening at low volume levels, plus a Virtual mode that utilises Dolby processing to generate a large, three-dimensional sound field from stereo-only content – ideal for homes where a larger full-sized surround sound system isn’t an option.

Marantz Model M4 (Image: Supplied)

Marantz Model M4 (Image: Supplied)

Apart from the Model M1, it has also debuted the Model M4. Based on the HEOS architecture and key feature set of Model M1, Model M4 is a dedicated rack-mountable amplifier that allows four independent rooms in your home to each enjoy their own music listening, all supported by one robust amplifier equipped with 8 x 100w of output and 4 x independent HEOS modules.

With fan cooling for stable operation even in enclosed spaces and included rack-mount-ears, the Model M4 is fitted with optical digital inputs and Dolby Digital decoder that allows you to share the sound from your TV throughout your home.

The Model M1 has a retail price of $1600 and will be available in Australia starting July 2024. The MODEL M4 meanwhile is the pricier option at $5,500 and will be available in the country from August this year.

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