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Logitech Unveils New G515 Low-Profile Keyboard For Gaming

Logitech G, a brand of Logitech, has unveiled its new keyboard, the G515 Lightspeed TKL Wireless Gaming Keyboard.

It’s a low-profile keyboard with high-performance features and a modern design. Low-profile keyboards deliver a more aesthetically pleasing, cleaner look, as well as a high-performance, comfortable typing experience.

It sits at 22mm high and features low-profile switches which can activate with a minimal distance of 1.3mm, and a total distance of 3.2mm, which enables gamers to accelerate actions per minute.

It’s been built using a layer of sound-dampening foam, pre-lubricated switches, integrated stabilisers, and premium PBT keycaps for a less scratchy, comfortable feel.

Additionally, the keyboard comes with the new Logitech G KeyControl technology, which offers customisation capabilities.

Each key is able to perform up to 15 different actions, and the keyboard can be personalised via macros, audio cues, or lighting effects.

It also includes layers and modifiers, such as G Shift, to increase the customisation possibilities, providing full key layouts that are switchable with the press of a button.

KeyControl also enables unprecedented personalisation, tuning, and controls.

The G515 Lightspeed TKL keyboard also comes with 2:1 Lightspeed Wireless Pairing, which allows a gaming mouse to be connected via the G515 Lightspeed dongle.

There’s also LightSync RGB lighting, allowing access to 16.8 million colours for customising and connecting all Logitech G gear with G Hub.

Finally, there’s Tri-Mode Connectivity, which allows gamers to choose between Lightspeed wireless, Bluetooth, or USB-C wired data mode, and it provides up to 36 hours of uninterrupted gaming.

The Logitech G515 Lightspeed TKL Wireless Gaming Keyboard is available in Black and White colours, from the official Logitech G website.

It’s retailing for A$269.95 for the wireless version or A$219.95 for the wired edition, which will be available later this year.

The company said, “With the iconic G915 gaming keyboard, Logitech G delivered a first-of-its-kind low-profile keyboard renowned for its exceptional quality, top-tier performance, and premium design features. With the G515 low-profile design, we have pushed the boundaries even further,” said Arnaud Perret-Gentil, Head of PC Gaming, Logitech G. “With the G515, we’ve maintained the sleek design while also including our latest technology innovations, such as LIGHTSPEED, LIGHTSYNC, and KEYCONTROL, to give gamers an advanced and high-performance gaming keyboard experience.”

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