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Logitech Debuts Alexa Support For Harmony Hub

Jumping on the Alexa bandwagon, Logitech has welcomed Alexa to its Harmony hub product suite. The news comes after Google Assistant was added last year.

Alexa will provide voice control for any Harmony hub product which is connected to a supported device (e.g. Echo, Echo Dot of Echo Plus).

By calling upon Alexa, users can turn their Harmony products on/off, start/pause devices or pull up their favourite channels, hands-free.

Utilising ‘Harmony Activities’, users can combine different actions to control “more than 275,000 devices”. For example, a ‘Good Morning’ Activity could turn on the TV to a specific channel – all via one command to Alexa.

Such integration is available free of charge, and delivered directly to Harmony remotes.

Rory Doole, Head of Logitech Smart Home, affirms the integration of Logitech’s Harmony suite with Alexa will have the same effect in Australia as it has overseas:

“Whether you can’t reach the remote or you don’t feel like getting up from the couch, using your voice with Harmony and Alexa makes controlling TV entertainment simple”

“We’ve seen the power of this integration in the US and other countries are now delivering this to Australia and New Zealand.”

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