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LG Will Produce A Very Limited Edition Rollable Phone

LG Electronics is out of the phone game, but why waste a perfectly good product?

The very first rollable smartphone in the world was completed and even showcased, before the decision was made to pull out of phone manufacturing, and now the firm has confirmed that it will produce a limited number of the phones.

The bad news: they will only be for internal use, and numbers could be limited to “about 100 to 200 phones” – which means the chances of getting your hands on one are slim to none.

“Development of the Rollable was completed before the management’s decision to end the phone business,” a company official explains. “The exact timing or volume of the phone’s release hasn’t been confirmed.”

LG showcased the Rollable at the Consumer Electronics Show early this year. The 6.8-inch OLED screen can be stretched to 7.4 inches.

However, after the company incurred losses of $5.68 billion over the past five years, they announced in April they would cease smartphone manufacturing.

In doing so, they may just have created the most collectable smartphone in the world.

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