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LG To Sell 65-Inch Rollable OLED TV 2019

After unveiling a prototype at CES last year, LG will reportedly release its first ‘rollable’ OLED TV in 2019 – a 65 inch display screen which neatly rolls up like a poster.

According to Bloombergsources claim the rollable TV will be the centrepiece of LG’s efforts to lift CE revenue, amid tough market and price competition.

The TV screen will reportedly retract at the touch of a button, similar to a garage door.

The OLED screen claims to fold more easily than traditional LCD panels, whilst displaying brighter resolution.


The product will launch two years after LG debuted an 18-inch prototype, with no official confirmation on pricing yet.

Providing the flexibility and freedom to be rolled away, the TV caters to compact spaces, whilst maintaining bright display.

Key to the TV’s development is the absence of a backlight – enhancing its slim profile.

Expanding LG’s smart home ecosystem, the rollable TV can control other compatible devices (e.g. smart fridges, speakers etc).

It follows reports of an LG ROLED patent, which could potentially be debuted at CES 2019.


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