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LG OLED TV’s Take Off 83″ Model Released

Research group Omedia are predicting a big jump in demand for OLED TV’s this year as LG the leader in this market moves to expand their offering with a new 83″ model.

At this stage it’s not known when the 83″ which is tipped to sell for around $17,000 will be available in Australia, LG is the first TV manufacturer to release a 4K OLED TV with an 83-inch size display.

Omdia has predicted the global OLED TV market will reach 5.8 million units this year, up from 3.65 million units last year.

It also expected OLED TVs to represent 10 percent of the global TV market this year in terms of revenue despite new models from Samsung including their NEO QLED 8K model.

LG Electronics claims they have launched an 83-inch OLED TV to beef up its presence in the premium TV market which now includes 48-, 55-, 65-, 77- and an 88-inch 8K model.

In the first quarter of this year, LG shipped out more than 790,000 OLED TVs, this was up 116 percent from the same quarter last year, according to data by market researcher Omdia.

In 2020 LG Display recorded 969.7 billion won in operating profit, growing 23 percent from the previous year, owing to the growth of the global OLED TV market.

As LG accelerates expansion of the OLED TV market, the company is poised for achieving its largest annual profit this year.

Industry observers claim LG’s TV business alone would obtain over 1 trillion won in operating profit this year, which would be the firm’s largest in three years.

The business will lift the manufacture of panels from 8 million to 10 million OLED TV panels with brands such as Sony and Loewe also expanding their investment in LG OLED panels.

In Australia LG management have not said when LG’s latest beta firmware update which delivers support for [email protected] with Dolby Vision will be rolled out to TVs after a beta version was pushed out to some of the Companies OLED TVs in the USA.

“Dolby Vision has been updated from 27.12 to 27.13, and now supports 4K120 DV, the world’s first 4K120 Dolby Vision-capable TV,” wrote one observer.

“Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t recommend regulars to use beta firmware, but this one is a no-brainer”.

“The Dolby Vision feature is currently in testing and LG is working closely with its partners to support functionality (including 4K @120Hz) on its 2021 OLEDs soon”, an LG spokesperson said yesterday.

“More details about models will be shared soon.”

Also included as part of the LG beta firmware update is a new optimised webOS 6.1 operating system and a brand-new version of the Game Optimiser Menu.

The update appears to be available in the US but there’s no confirmation of it arriving in Australia in the short term.

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