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LG Innotek Wireless Charging Pad Landing In Oz This Month

LG Innotek is bringing its 15 W wireless charging pad to market this month, which it states is capable of charging a completely depleted battery to the level of 50 per cent within 30 minutes.

LG Innotek states that the charging pad, which sports a slim form, delivers smartphone charging “as fast as when using a wired charging module”.

Unveiled earlier in the year, LG Innotek states that the pad delivers a charging speed three times faster than existing 5 W wireless charging modules, while it is compatible with most wireless charging smartphones currently available, with it meeting the standards of the Wireless Power Consortium.

LG Innotek states that it has applied technology to prevent the pad from overheating during charging, which “can even reduce the risk of the explosion of the battery and performance degradation of the smartphone”.

The technology sees an embedded sensor measuring temperature, suspending power when it reaches a certain level.

The wireless charging pad will be sold in North America, Europe and Australia from the middle of this month.


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