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LG Display To Spend $1.2B On Dedicated Apple OLED Line

LG Display is projected to spend over $AUD1.2 billion on an OLED production line dedicated solely to Apple products.

The expansion will begin next month, and will be the first time since 2017 that LG Display has ran a dedicated production line for Apple alone.

The E6-3 line will be at its E6 plant in Paju, and spending will begin on equipment in August, marking the third phase of upgrades to the E6 plant.

Once the E6-3 plant is fully operational, LG Display will have capacity to increase iPhone OLED panel production by 50 per cent.

Apple has increased component orders for the upcoming iPhone 13 by 20 per cent, raising orders to  90 million units as opposed to the 75 million units required for iPhone 12.


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