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LG Capitalises On Note 7 Recall To Promote Upcoming G6


LG is promoting new safety features for its upcoming flagship G6 smartphone as the company looks for an edge against competitor Samsung.

Copper heat pipes with high thermal conductivity will be incorporated into the G6 to help prevent battery overheating, with LG also increasing the space between components to allow heat to be dispersed more effectively.

“As more consumers prefer safer smartphones, we will raise the level of safety and quality standards for our next strategic smartphone,” Lee Suk-jong, head of LG Electronics’ mobile communications global operations group, told the Korea Times.

Heat pipes are commonly featured in laptops and desktops to reduce heat emissions, and could potentially reduce the heat from smartphone processors by as much as ten per cent.

LG also said as parts of its focus on safety, it had applied 15 per cent higher standards than those set by the US and Europe for battery heat exposure tests.

Samsung remains the number one smartphone manufacturer in South Korea despite the Note 7 recall last year, with LG currently in second place.

LG will unveil the G6 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, where Samsung is also rumoured to unveil its flagship Galaxy S8.

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