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CES 2017: Lenovo Launch Dedicated Gaming Laptop Brand Legion

Lenovo have announced a new offensive into the highly-competitive world of gaming laptops, with the new range of products to be branded “Legion”.

The company said in a blog post that the new products were informed by “talking to thousands of gamers and understanding and anticipating their needs.”

According to them, “Lenovo Legion is about emboldening our commitment to improving players’ gameplay with state-of-the-art technology so they can fully immerse in the game.”

Officially unveiled at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, the first iteration of the range consists of two 15.6-inch laptops called the Y720 and Y520.

Both powered by 7th generation Intel quad-core processors and the latest in Nvidia graphics cards, Lenovo are clearly looking to establish their own gaming sub-brand in the same way that Acer have with Predator and HP are attempting to do with Omen.

The Y720 looks to be the cream of the crop here, combining the visual punch of a 4K display with the enhanced sound experience of Dolby Atmos – a first for a laptop of this kind that promises to offer up a richer gaming experience.

Lenovo Legion Y520 Laptop will be available in Australia from March 2017 at a local RRP of $1999, with the Y720 arriving around the same time with a pricetag of $2699.

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